How to Plan a Fight

December 14th, 2018

It was a normal day for a woman who is being tortured. It was when I suddenly was reminded that I had to pick up something for my mother to take to a birthday party that it seems to have started. I went and reminded my father who I was to do this errand with. He said we’d do it later. This was the first cause of grumbles from the torture group. Apparently they wanted to go right then.

When dad was dressed to go he made me wait “about ten minutes”. At this point the voices, the computer voices, started calling him an asshole. They very rarely curse at others in my ears but it does occur. They stopped quickly. When my dad was ready to go he sprang a surprise on me. We had to go to the library. I get “anxious” at the library. I get attacked at and on the way to the library.

On the way to the store he surprised me with the information that it had been my responsibility to remember what we’d been asked to buy. A little voice whispered the name of one of the things in my ear. We got to the store and we were already on different wave lengths. When we got to the toy section I went to try and find the doll brand by looking until I saw the name which alluded me. Some alliteration. He didn’t want to search this way. He ordered me to heel. This enraged the torture operator. They now wanted to fight.

We didn’t get into a big fight. But I wanted to leave and not go to the library. So I walked home. It wasn’t a long walk. When I got home my dog came over to effusively greet me. I was made to curse at her. Eventually they had me pet her. Because she’s just a clueless dog and she’s cute. Now I’m home and the torture group got what they wanted. They didn’t want to go to the library today. Really, really didn’t want to go. Why not? What made this a matter of importance?



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