Sensation Replacement

The way this torture work in my case the torture group assumes I’m on so much sensation torture that I can’t feel real life sensations. The truth is the thought voice can A) only mention sensations the torture group is doing B) only mention sensations I’m presumed to be feeling from observation C) can’t even list the full amount of sensation input a human being has in touch alone.

The torture group does sensation attacks for every action I take. They do sensations for what I should physically be feeling like the jacket I’m wearing. Except they’re running physical sensations, emotional sensations and then also sensation torture attacks like pain. The sensation technology can’t run three at one in full capacity. I’m always at either one or a mix of one-third capacity. This torture technique doesn’t cover all the bases and shouldn’t be running at under capacity.

This torture techniques which is evident in my nonstop daily torture attacks helps me keep track of what sensations the torture group is doing. I go by this: Anything the thought voice mentions which I correctly feel physically is the torture technology and anything else I’m just not noticing at the moment. I theorize that I have regular sensory input capabilities but the torture technology is flooding my system with input.



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