Donner party of 1

Sometimes, well many times, the torture group community attacks their own. This can be for only one reason. The torture victim has disagreed with the beliefs of the attacking group of victims. They have to decided to gang up on the first victim. This isn’t solely instigated by the torture group though we know good and well they are stoking the fires. This is community cannibalism. It’s something which happens when a group of people suffering from the same criminal attack are uneducated in what the capability of their attackers is. The victims don’t know for sure who is attacking them so they suspect everyone who shows the first sign of different behavior.

The propensity for victims of this torture to lash out is known to be high. The type of stress and resulting behaviors associated with this torture are those which alter the victim’s actions and behaviors to a high degree. The victim becomes more selfish in a bid to survive. They focus on themselves more. They are constantly dealing with attacks of torture. They are to busy to see outside their own bubble. The torture naturally diminishes the victim’s ability to be compassionate and understanding as well as impairing their cognitive ability.

While classic victim of a ongoing traumatic situation doesn’t explain the behavior fully we can see how it impacts the victim. The torture group adds to the effect by disinformation and misinformation attacks. One is propaganda intended to be spread through the community and outside it. The other is lies intended to confuse and mis-educate the victim being told to them to add to the affects of their torture. You could say one is personal and one is impersonal. The torture group is forever attempting to reach the world surrounding the main victim.




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