The Night Shift

In my torture sleep deprivation doesn’t happen. True sleep deprivation isn’t something the torture group desires. They want the victim aware and attuned to the torture at all times. Sleep deprivation impairs the victim. They don’t go to that extreme. They will keep me awake for a full twenty-four hours. That’s their limit with me. They’ve since stopped doing it so often.

I am normally awake for a roughly twelve hour day. While the torture computer runs my torture it’s subtly evident who is running the torture from how the computer is being redirected and programmed. The differences signal the torture operator on shift. I can detect that my torture operators are not all clinically sadistic. There is one who is. I don’t get a lot of great information on who is torturing me I just learnt to detect some things as I experienced them.

When I have gotten a twenty-four hour stretch of torture it makes me think about who is staying up this long with me. Logically the torture group would use two or more different torture operators to do this long series of attacks. I can sense the torture operator’s behavior as his decisions color my torture experience. From wherever they are located the torture group has the ability to run torture 24/7. Does the night shift operate out of the same building as the day shift? Wouldn’t that be suspicious? Is the torture group running global torture from one location? All these unanswered questions arise.



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