My Savior

The torture group imagines one day a white knight will swoop in and save me from my torture. They run torture attacks about this potential future. The story goes that someone the torture group contacted was given the choice of taking care of me through my transition from decades of physical control back to independent ambulation. They paint this person as a romantic interest.

These stories contain some interesting points. One is that the torture group imagines they will have a hand off. They see themselves as taking care of me. They feel responsible for me. They worry about the reversion to normal living and want someone prepared to handle it. I’m weak and I must have a guardian in the torture group’s eyes.

Then they imagine someone else being responsible for ending my torture. Someone must take that responsibility from them. They refuse to acquiesce and release me. Someone will have to fight them for me. They refuse to acknowledge they may have caused some damage but hint that indeed they know they did. I know there will probably be problems post-torture for me. But I have a family and health care who are here to take care of me. I’m not in need. Nor will an person educated in my exact situation be required.

Third they see my rescuer as a person better then they are. The white knight in their stories is either David the ultimate torture group employee and torture group anarchist in disguise or Johnny Depp their favorite celebrity. They don’t want to acknowledge that they have the ability to free me in their hands at every moment. They want someone else to do it. They think they don’t have the special power it takes.


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