Just Breaking Things

It was some time into January, 2018 when the torture group suggested I take down the Christmas lights on the outside of the house. I had to ask for permission. It was granted by my mother. I went outside and inspected the lights. The roof was too high for a ladder. I would have to climb onto the roof.

In the past I’ve been comfortable climbing onto the roof. I used to hang out up there when no one was home. But the house had since been remodeled. The roof had been raised. It had no easy access up to it and was a longer drop to the ground. The torture group decided I should chance it.

I found that part of the lights could be taken off from the ground but others were simply too high up. I had to go on the roof. I took an old access point up. This was risky but it turned out that the problem was elsewhere. As I let the lights detach from the house they fell to the ground and broke. I cracked the plastic snowflakes covering the bulbs.

Being put in a dangerous position while being controlled by the torture technology isn’t common. Breaking things when the torture group is pretending to be helpful is common. There was a time when I broke glass after glass while watching dishes. My mother still warns me about it. Little incidents like this paint a bigger picture. The torture group is reckless.


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