I Say

When the torture group started torturing me I was four years old. They took control of my body using the technology. Somehow they managed to carry off a seamless transition from my independence to being under their control. One feature of my physicality is my speaking voice. The torture group has controlled that too.

The torture group has had to update my speaking voice as I’ve aged to keep in line with how I would naturally mature. It shows how skilled at using the torture technology to control a body they really are. They did this with few problems. One vocal update around age eight caused a lisp to develop which was resolved soon afterwards. I took speech therapy for it.

Now the torture group occasionally has trouble controlling my voice correctly. My father notes my on and off huskiness. My voice has to my ears remained the same as it was in my twenties. The torture group wants to make changes to my voice in reaction to fourteen years of smoking hence the husky quality.

I listened to myself speak in videos I’ve made to document myself during my torture and I believe I do hear a remnant of that lisp still existent. I have other speech problems during being physically controlled by the torture group, More then I should yet not enough to draw attention to my alien existence.

The theory introduced by the torture group is that their torture of me has damaged my vocal chords. They imagine I’m not speaking like I should be and therefore and causing harm to my voice. This makes senses but also doesn’t. As I am speaking in this voice and I am not showing signs of damage. We’ll know in the end.



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