Christmas Night, 2011

The events of this one night near the end of the first six months of my schizophrenia torture were so abnormal even for this time that they deserve their own post. It was after the events of Christmas morning and the somewhat unremarkable torture following it. When I got home that night after drinking at the family Christmas party I wasn’t tired. I went outside to smoke and listen to music.

David signaled me and the attack began. I saw a montage of memories past. It was visual technology based. It started with my siblings and I posing in front of the Christmas tree for a picture the year my twin got her white cowboy boots. It went into pictures and video of things I’d held dear. All my desired Christmas and birthday presents, the ones I never got, things I owned and later threw out and other beautiful things I owned over the years until about five years prior.

I was stunned and momentarily forgot myself. I heard my thought voice say “They have everything on me”. This was supposed to be a grand display of their records on me. But I was under the torture group’s physical control during these times. Therefore I didn’t make the choice about which things I wanted for Christmas etc. and what I held dear to me.

During the night they did several different attacks. In one they vibrated my entire body intensely. By entire body I don’t mean all at once I mean it travelled up and down my entire body for some time. This was the most sensations I’ve ever received at one time at a high intensity. At one time they did an intriguing little attack. A man was shown sitting on a office chair. He quickly spun in circles. As he spun he lifted his arms and I could see and feel him enter my vagina in a cartoonish way. It was the most finesse and precision I experienced with the sensation technology in all of my torture.



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