Christmas Day, 2011

Christmas 2011 was in line with the prior six months of schizophrenia torture. On December 9th the night of the lunar eclipse the intense rape attacks had begun. They were still happening on Christmas day.

When I was opening presents with the family Christmas morning the torture group was antagonizing me. The rape attack this morning was bad. They criticized my presents and other little nitpicking abuses. I held it together until I was alone. I went outside to smoke. As I smoked I started crying. The torture group had commenced the attack. The torture at this time was extreme. So when they dropped me to the ground and started choking me through the physical control technology it was par for the course.

My father came out to talk with me about something. He caught me being choked. I was able to tell him I was being choked. He didn’t believe me. He thought I was faking it. He ordered me inside. I managed to get there. As I was in the kitchen they started choking me again. Everyone ignored me. Eventually the torture group ended the attack.

I was in a bad state and still getting the emotional attack with tears as we got ready to go celebrate with the rest of our family. My sister turned me towards her and said “Put on your big girl panties and man up”. I was startled because the voices had said something similar or exactly that phrase to me. I made it to our family gathering.


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