Nixed the Diary, Again

It wasn’t until the anniversary of the schizophrenia that I started writing down the full account of the torture I’d been experiencing. I’d previously noted some things early on. So I had some confusing writing which made little sense and some that was a helpful reminder.

The first thing I did was write a timeline of the first year 2011-2012. This was the documentation I faxed and mailed to the FBI multiple times and took with me to make a police report.

I started a diary. I wrote every night about what had occurred that day. By late 2015 I wasn’t writing as faithfully. The torture group always seems to get bored of doing the same thing. This lasted until I created a Twitter account in 2016. When I tweeted I didn’t write my diary.

I tried once before to create a website but ended up deleting it all. I went back to tweeting. This year it was decided that I should try again. This blog is the same information that I share everywhere else. I don’t know if they’ll let me keep it.


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