Bladder Control

I was walking by my house in late 2011 the first time they instituted this attack. I sneezed and peed my pants just a little. This had happened before in the past five years. I was embarrassed and disgusted with myself. I had no idea this was to be a featured torture attack of my schizophrenia torture.

It would first happen only when I sneezed really hard. They brought back the coughing attacks in February, 2012.  I was peeing myself when I coughed too hard. They pretended to solve this problem by having me clench my legs tight when I coughed. I did this once in a grocery store and got and long stare from a stranger. They stopped doing it in public.

The torture group made up rules for how far and how much I could pee my pants before changing my clothes. They consider me smelling like urine going to far. They want to avoid this if they can while still playing their game.

It’s the coughing attack which has been continued for seven years now. It’s strange to be peeing myself “accidentally”. The torture group controls me entirely at all times through a unique muscular reactive technology. That means they are doing the peeing on purpose. But in the attack the voices including the thought voice are ragging on me in an effort to shame me for my being gross. I think if I’m being forced to do something against my will then it’s not me that is doing anything.


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