Thought Voice Theory

The voice of your thoughts is something everyone has. The thought voice torture technique utilized by the torture group is a torture device intended to supplant the thoughts of the victim through constant audio of thought narration of torture group selected thoughts.

The idea is that the victim can’t help but hear and therefore follow along. This creates a stream of “thought” always focused on the outside audio of the thought voice. This technique is meant to override the victim’s own thought.

It doesn’t do that though. Because victims are human and human beings have the ability to tune out sound. The torture group thinks they’ve set the thought voice audio to the perfect volume, tone, speed and voice characteristics to continually draw the victim’s attention.

They theorize that a thought voice is the best device to manipulate verbally. The thought voice torture I experience is only working because I’m also being physically controlled by the torture technology. For me it’s a background narration not my main impetus.


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