Believe Through Doing

The torture group uses a technique where I learn through doing. As they control my body they verbally guide me as to why I am doing the actions I am. This is supposed to train me into believing that these actions are the appropriate and only actions to take in response to a stimulus.

In my torture the thought voice and physical control work hand in hand. There is no physical action I take which the thought voice doesn’t mention. By which I mean she narrates much of the actions I do (she does as much as she can) and will skip even more should the torture activity pick up and divide the computer’s attention further.

Being trained to think the way I act is good by acting falsely isn’t theoretically a strong technique. It goes against how humans learn. I’m not actually learning by being forced. I’m not doing. I’m not choosing. I’m not fully participating. It’s supposed to train me. I’m intended to be shaped into their version of me. Time will tell how this pans out.


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