Heard it Through the Grapevine

I had heard that things were going to happen that were big changes. I heard about it months before they happened. I shared about it on twitter. See, I am leaving a record of my torture. I don’t have enough access to the torture group to figure out what they have in store for me. I get my best information when the new event is playing out for the first time. This includes everything. Even the abnormal buildup to the beginning of the schizophrenia torture made so little sense there was no predicting what they were trying to say.

You might not count working two non-paying jobs or really chores as a success. But I’ve been through enough with the torture group that this means a lot to me and my torture. I’ve been trapped in one position for seven years+. This is indeed a good and big change. Though they had hinted that something was coming they never said whether it was good or bad. It was a threat instead of a heads up. I consider the bare minimum my goals. I want a job, a home, a car, a love life and success. I’m not demanding the most just the chance to work hard for myself.

While I’m held off from doing these typical and normal things in life I celebrate each step towards normalcy. The torture group will never succeed in making me completely regular. I will always be a lot weird. But their choices to do less negative torture is better for the people around me. So I like these new changes. I’m predicting a fantabulous downshift or surprising new good things to come. It’s the torture group. I’m prepared to be disappointed. But others still expect the most from me. Silly rabbits.


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