Phantom Sensations

The sensations that the torture group can do on the human body have no reaction to an action or requirement that the victim be in a certain position. How do I know this? Phantom sensation attack. The sensation technology works independent of the human body to create torture sensation which tries to mimics real life sensations. But the torture sensations are completely unique.

I can experience through a torture attack the sensation of my legs as they feel when I walk. This is because the torture group is doing sensation torture on me at all times. They do the torture sensation used on my legs during the action of walking. It’s a sensation I’ve been trained to connect to walking. Because they do it every single time I walk. In part it’s also the sensation technology trying to keep up with my legs in motion.

The torture group does not mimic real life sensory input. They can do a sensation they call “The Wind” but its nothing like the real wind. It’s a cloud of torture sensations fluidly running across the exposed skin on your body. Phantom sensations can only be done with long term torture exposure. You have to experience a lot of constant sensation torture to recognize the phantom sensation attack.


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