Sexual Conditioning

I’m forced to both experience sexual torture and act out sexual acts as sexual torture. I’m being played audio and videos of sexual content during these torture attacks. The content is typically normal sexual fantasies though created by someone other than me. Now and then the sexual fantasies are of abnormal and taboo sexual acts.

Now the definition of my sexuality by my thought voice is straight and vanilla. The reality is that the content I’ve received as part of the creation of my sexual identity by the torture group is disturbed. It features incest, bestiality and pedophilia. It also includes some less abnormal and disturbed sexual content like BDSM, lesbianism and bisexuality.

These three sexual identities aren’t supposed to be occurring. My sexuality is supposed to be straight and “normal”. The torturers are using abnormal sexual content to abuse me. But the abuse is going through the thought voice system like the officially approved sexual content. This makes my thought voice act as a participant instead of a victim during the abnormal sexual abuse torture. The torturers are breaking the rules without oversight.


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