Unaccented American English

The torture group wants victims to believe the audio torture they do is live people talking to the victim. The torture group manages to convince victims around the world of this. The truth is that the audio torture being done is through a computer program which runs human speech imitating audio voices.

The voices that I hear speak are almost so familiar to me after twenty-eight years it’s hard to describe their accents. What I can distinguish is in the schizophrenia voices better then those from before the schizophrenia torture phase. These voices speak unaccented American English. Meaning they have a near California accent to match that which I hear around me.

The torture voices don’t do accents casually. My crush attack featuring Benedict Cumberbatch had no English accent. It was American instead. I’ve heard a black southern accent early on in my torture over twenty-five years ago. The torture group may find switching accents too complex to do. They rarely do it.



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