How Can We Tell?

The torture group has utmost confidence in what they’re doing to me. The sensation technology in place of real life feelings and emotions. The thought voice dictating my thoughts before my own mind’s ruminations. The torture visual technology serving as my substitute visual memory. They believe these techniques are going to work.

Or at least the people in charge and issuing orders believe so. The men working on my case have their doubts. One or more of the torture operators has introduced a good point into the audio torture the computer prattles on with: The torture group doesn’t know if I can hear, see or feel what they do.

The torture group technique of having me act of believing the things the thought voice says is theoretically weak psychological conditioning. Even when I don’t “act” on my “thoughts” the thought voice behaves as if she were assured that I’m 100% following her lead. If a person hears audio broadcasted to their ears in the first person by a voice assuming their identity how could they confuse that outside content for their own thoughts? Who created this torture group technique?



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