Inside the Gator

The torture group painted a disturbed picture of who they were in September to December of 2011 when they revealed themselves to me. At that time they nicknamed themselves “The Company”. They told me about themselves. Rather they told me fantastical untrue stories about themselves.

Some of the things they spoke of were the functional elements of their operation. They told me the base of operation for my torture case was Los Angeles, CA. They said the torture was done using what they called the light. They described all of the technologies as lasers. They said they could transmit a “light” beam twenty-five miles to my location.

They portrayed themselves and other employees as basically everything repugnant. They were said to be drug addicted sexual predator thieving psychopaths. Again the torture group goes for the over dramatic false description instead of giving believable fabrications. This was disproven by how accurate and flawlessly they managed to still attack and torture me.

This information came with months worth of “video” of the torture group employees doing the torture and living their best drug addled life. In one scene a man was talking to me after having been swallowed alive by an alligator. The torture group didn’t create content just for me. These animated videos were from years of torture group creation for use in torture.

So who else has seen inside the gator?


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