Dealing with Emergencies

I’m going to share this morning’s events to give you an idea of how the torture group deals with what problems arise and those they create all at once. Here goes:

I woke some time before one am. The back door to my room was open. It was raining hard. “My cigarettes!” I heard. They were outside in the rain. I bundled up and brought them in. They were wet here and there. Some broke apart when I pulled them out of the package to dry. These were my last cigarettes. Because I’d decided not to buy more when I passed the store the afternoon before.

For about four hours I wasted away the time frantic because I had so few cigarettes and cigarette pieces to smoke. Around five am I went back to sleep despite already drinking my morning coffee. I woke up an hour before I had to catch the bus to be somewhere. I didn’t want to take the bus in the rain so I counted on my sister driving me. Her schedule could possibly allow this. I just hadn’t asked her.

Around nine am I heard a crash and shattering glass. A light fixture had been pulled off the wall by a sunshade irresponsibly tied to it because the weight of the water and wind overpowered it. I was told by the torturers that this could start an electrical problem like a fire when or if it shorted out by getting wet. So they had me flip off the breaker.

I met my father walking through the house and informed him of the problem. He was dressed for work and in an obvious rush to leave. He was short with me. I replied antagonistically. He later made me clean up the glass so the dog wouldn’t step on it. I woke my blurry eared sister and asked for a ride. She said “yes”.  Things were going well except the torture group kept worrying me about an electrical problem occurring. Though there should be no power to the broken fixture according to them.

It ended well. I got a ride to the convenience store for cigarettes and made it to my obligation. I got home and the house hadn’t burned down. The rain has stopped.

These are the decisions the torture group makes when they think an emergency is in effect. These are the things they consider an emergency (light fixture) and a problem (no cigarettes). They attacked me for each event. They tried to fix the more dangerous problem. According to my father the non-electrician there was no threat from the light fixture being in the rain because it is controlled by a switch and therefore had no power to it at the time. The torture group tells me now I would have heard sparks and an immediate electrical short.

I question exactly who was dealing with these events this morning; the computer or the men? Who planned on creating the cigarette shortage and later regretted it? Who was handling the broken light fixture in live time who doesn’t appear to understand electricity? I pay attention to these things. They are important.


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