Are You Talking About Yourself?

The torture group always includes an avatar of themselves in the torture content the victim is receiving. It’s not truly the torture unless the torture group is talking about themselves. These characters they create though fictitious leave me questioning. Characters and scenarios imagined by the torture group employee can’t help but be inspired by all of their experience working for the torture group. Which parts are truth?

Who’s the David of the torture group? He’d be a man coworkers love and respect but also find intimidating and enviable. He’d run hot and cold. He’s mercurial. He’s a leader.

Who’s the torture group employee the others consider “retarded”? A person so under qualified even her torture group coworkers can’t believe she’s working there.

Who’s the Brett the sidekick? The Claire? The Sandra? These characters did come from the minds of people working for the torture group. Who were they talking about and how much truth did it contain?

It’s hard to say from how I experience the torture what is going on behind the scenes. It’s not like the torturers talk directly to me and I know them. I know them through the work they do. I know the differing opinions on me and my torture from how they’ve programmed the computer to run my torture.


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