Let Us Reason

What’s next for my torture? My history of torture is surprisingly erratic. What the torture group has done to me is all over the place. First they played around with no real endpoint and used minor psychological techniques to “train” me. Then they did an affectation of a mental illness on me which included intense pain torture unintentionally. Now they’re making me act out the classic behaviors of one of their schizophrenic victims.

These torture phases lasted six, fifteen and seven years so far respectively. The torture group has not strictly followed an obvious schedule. What they have done is loosely structured. It seems they’ve designed it by guidelines that I can’t infer easily. But they do have goals. The repetition shows intention, the intention is clearly definable. They’re building the perfect beast.

Being a schizophrenic style victim even while it’s bogus due to their physical control of me is dangerous. Schizophrenia torture isn’t known for being short term. There is no available timeline information on the length from beginning to end of the torture group’s schizophrenia torture. I’m at a loss for estimating my near future.

What I can say from the past is that I’ve passed the shortest length of time one phase has lasted. I expect any time between now and 2026 a major case change will occur. I can detect familiar events occurring right now which occurred during the end of the anxiety torture phase prior to the onset of the schizophrenia. Positive changes are occurring. While this bolsters me I’m patient. Erratic means unpredictable. Even the torture group has never done before what they’re doing to me.


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