Vocal Analysis

The computer’s ability to analyze human speech for content is good. The more literal the sentence the easier it can make sense of it. However the computer gets lost when people use tones of voice it considers unmatched to the content of their communication. This computer believes there is but one tone of voice for the use of sarcasm. It will take sarcasm literally if the person speaking does not use the proper tone of voice. This about summarizes the computer’s ability to analyze tone of voice.

When the computer receives verbal content from people around the victim it is searching through memory files on the victim and their life. First it’s thinking to assess the communication then it’s plotting out how to run the torture attacks relevant to the content. This is the torture being run in connection to outside stimuli in the victim’s environment. Sometimes it dismisses the stimuli and runs non-relevant torture attacks. Sometimes it need more information and either waits for the person to add it or asks for it.

The computer always works through it’s analysis as quickly as possible. So the quality of it’s work is not that good. What it relies on is the many ways human beings err in communication to cover it’s many mistakes. With the victim already known to be affected by schizophrenia the non-victim can blame any communication errors from this program on the illness.




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