Reading Faces

The computer running my torture reads faces best of all. Forget body language and other subtler signs of communicating the computer loves faces. The computer is a computer. Meaning it thinks all  facial expressions displayed are able to be matched to its catalogue of faces humans can make. This goes wrong many times a day.

As you can imagine a computer can only match a facial expression to the master list. The master list is underdeveloped. as is much of the computer system the torture group uses. The computer does read a face but it favors the eyes most of all. To the computer those are the most clearest expressive feature on a face.

The computer may try to utilize facial expression in torture but what it does first and foremost is use the facial expression of people around the victim in torture. Rather than trying to figure out and work back and forth with a human being the computer has been designed to run case relevant torture attacks. This bypasses most of the necessary required analysis of people’s facial expressions.

With the computer less skilled in analyzing people and the torture semi-automated it’s a confusing series of events for the victims. Victims have long reported the inanity and incomprehensible behavior of the torture group. Some of that behavior stems how the torture computer runs when it’s left unchecked by the torture operator managing it. The computer has been badly directed in what torture to do. Something is getting messed up at the source.




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