Confidence Man

There were hints which existed throughout the Jakob Dylan months that signalled me something wasn’t right.

One: From day one a man with the means and ability to refused to meet me in person to deal with our mutual problem.

Two: Jakob’s personality was composed of drastically different shifting facets. He was hot and cold.

Three: The thought voice kept saying “He knows something he’s not telling me”.

The torture group nicknamed Jakob my confidence man. Meaning he was the person who gave weak little old me confidence to be strong and independent. The term confidence man means a rip-off artist and a snake oil salesman. It was a big hint which was ignored.

That the thought voice, a manifestation of the torturer themself, forewarning me constantly was no accident. It kept me intrigued.

Oddly enough the first thing I said to the disembodied voice I heard was my address and a request to come talk to me in person. This isn’t a normal reaction.


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