Bring Her Down

Mother’s day weekend, 2011 roughly around the 6th of May

It was the months leading up to the onset of my schizophrenia torture and some nonsense was afoot.

I got a little high on pot. Just a tad. With my cousins C, D, our Uncle and a friend we prepared to go enjoy ourselves at the carnival down the street. I’m not that experienced with pot. I started telling everyone how fine I was. They stupidly ignored me. We walked the few blocks to the carnival easily enough.

When we got to the ticket booth we stopped to discuss how many we wanted. Some time into the discussion I turned my head to look around. As I scanned the crowd my vision went dark. The last thing I saw was a man. Next I saw black. I felt an arm reach out an grab me. The next thing I knew I hit the ground. I couldn’t hear right. I couldn’t hear until I’d landed on the ground.

It took a few seconds but I reoriented myself. I was weak. My vision was wrong. I was hearing my thoughts telling me to get to safety. I went to the bathroom to clean up. I told C I needed to go back to her house because I felt sick. She tried to talk me into staying to play. Warning signs were going off. I had to leave the area. The city police were out in force running security.

She walked me to her home and put me to bed. I rested but didn’t sleep. After perhaps an hour I heard someone come into the next room. I had no idea who it was having sex in there but I thought it was the friend and my Uncle. When I came out later and asked they reported no one had been in the next room. We played the rest of the night away together without incident.

Analysis: If I was not dropped to the ground deliberately then something went terribly wrong with all of the torture technologies at once. This could be the most overt and dramatic error the computer has ever committed. It’s possible its not even related to the schizophrenia they were preparing to do in a few months.

There has never been an intentional dangerous fall or dropping me to the ground before or after this event. Other falls have not been this type of violent. The torture group doesn’t do this in my torture. This is a standalone event with no obvious explanation.



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