Body Language

The torture computer doesn’t so much read body language as it continually assesses other people for the threat they may pose. This is a main program active for my anxiety torture phase which has remained in use for my schizophrenia torture phase. It a feature of the programs responsible for connecting the torture attacks to other people around me. The body language is not so much skillful analysis as it is a judgement of the proximity of person to me. The Program is working at a higher alert setting to function as an anxiety causing tool.

The body language program’s analysis of people is pretty much able to tell me how close they are to me, if they are close enough to interact with me, are looking at or talking to me or are a dangerous threat. For the anxiety torture this programs was set to give an alert for every human being that I could see or hear around me. That equals constant alarm bells going off. It doesn’t so much cause anxiety, because I’m over that kind of fear after twenty-two years, as it does give me one hell of a constant adrenaline rush.

Body language to the computer being a threat or non-threat leaves it lacking the ability to assess an often subtle area of communication. It’s not something the computer will ever learn because the torture group doesn’t want their computer to learn on the job. It’s not going to be fixed because the torture group is satisfied with how their torture is going and has not updated in all of the twenty-eight years I’ve known them. So the problems continue on inherently affecting how the torture is being run and impacting all of the torture group’s great plans.




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