One on the Line

The torture group operator doesn’t experience what the victim does. They can monitor what the torture computer is doing by checking the programs running. But they can’t listen, see and feel what the torture victim experiences.

This is because the massive amount of torture activity is hard to follow. Even torture victims who tune out some of the torture activity find it agitating to experience. While the torture operator may be aware of what’s going on in the victim’s torture they don’t really know.

Because the torture computer is semi-automated and torture operators aren’t able to more closely monitor the ongoing torture errors committed by the computer system can occur unchecked. The errors are prone to continuing on until the system warns the torture operator they exist.

The torture is not supposed to be what it is. It was intended to be precise and accurate. The computer system and user error are what make the torture what it has become. The torture group doesn’t seem to be shaping up anytime soon. This will only continue on.


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