The torture group can do many things with the sensation technology. One attack from my childhood was drug themed. I would be sitting around usually by myself and see the visual. A woman’s face was right in front of mine. She told me to “Inhale.” As I did I could see her blow smoke into my face. I breathed deep, tastes a funny taste and felt calm. This was what the torture group considered getting me high.

The trick to this attack is how the sensations change to intensely positive from whatever they were before. This creates a feeling that is suddenly good or soothing. There is no lasting physical impact front the attack. It only feels because the sensation technology is active. While it is nice to feel it’s certainly not a drug trip. It’s a sensation attack.

The torture group did some very strange things to me during my childhood torture. As well as the serene high there was the heroin high replication. These were considered positive attacks despite the context. One day these torture attacks disappeared and I forgot all about them until they ran them again in late 2011.


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