When Communication is Miscalculated

The torture computer is many things good for the torture group. But it is still a computer. The biggest problems come from its semi-automated programming. It’s not good enough to be fully automated. It’s like the torture group stopped short of finishing the system. There’s a horrible and awesome computer failing which I have a lot of experience with.

The torture computer through me approaches people to interact. When people don’t respond in a way the torture computer thinks they are supposed to the computer assumes it did something wrong. It thinks that because the other people didn’t match it’s expectations it performed the program the wrong way. The computer was allowed to run this way for my anxiety torture. It’s actually still occurring during my torture now.

Here’s an example from this morning: I went to an office today. When I got to the stairs the computer I saw a broken lightbulb and other accoutrements of drug use. So I popped my head into a open door and asked about it. The people there had no idea what I was talking about. Because they did not respond with awareness of the problem and they looked so baffled the computer assumed it had failed to recognize the trash properly. Instead of saying it was wrong it ended the conversation as if it were right all along. But it went on to doubt itself in discussion to me.

The computer system is so computer that it doesn’t know what to do when people aren’t what it has been programmed to believe people are like. This of course is a struggle for the torture group. They can’t get the system to run by itself because they don’t trust it to do what they want it to. I haven’t seen any improvement in over two decades. I don’t think they’ve fixed the problems.



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