It’s In The Air

The torture computer will align my behavior to other people’s. It does this because it’s been programmed to in order to disguise its presence best. It can analyze other people’s emotions through their voice and actions and create a determination of the mood of the person or people I’m with. It’s a computer so this goes wrong consistently.

Experiencing the anxiety torture which triggers my torture attacks based on the actions of others around me has shown me how this programming works. It matches the facial expression and body language of the people around me to its list. It’s a list of people’s emotional expression and another of their body language. This is ludicrous but workable for the torture group.

It analyzes them and then according to preset case goals my torture response has been designated. In the case of anxiety torture the busier the activity in the vicinity the more heightened the intensity of the torture attack. This make it seem as if I’m anxious. When it really is a cover for the computer failing to comprehend it’s role in the environment.

The computer can’t make decisions if it doesn’t understand what’s going on. Things like sudden action discombobulate it. It is essentially giving an error message. It’s a good strategy but not good computer design. The more inappropriate the computer’s reaction the better I can see how badly the computer controlling my body functions.


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