He’s in Hawaii

From June 20th, 2011 to June 9th, 2012 I expected to meet the people I was talking to in my backyard when I was alone. Not because I presumed we were friends but because there were real people involved and I knew it would be simple to walk right up to my door and talk to me. The torture group doesn’t do this. They say they will but they don’t.

Why did the torture group promise me something they would never deliver? Because it’s a way to string me along and give me hope. Not hope of meeting them or Jakob Dylan/David/anybody, hope that it would put a stop to the experience which was such a disturbance in my life. The one thing I still desperately need.

The torture group baited me good here. They knew how I needed something tangible to confront and challenge. They never intended to meet me. Jakob Dylan, David and company were not going to walk into my house and talk to me about the torture. The torture group raised a big doubt by doing this torture with a real person who I could also track and monitor somewhat successfully. His reality conflicted with their stories now and then. They ignored this and continued on.

Jakob Dylan performed at FarmAid in 2011. I found this out somewhere online. The torture group decided I should watch the online streaming of the concert. This was the big chance for him to communicate to me. I was talking to “Jakob” up until the time he was scheduled to go onstage. When I went to watch the livestream it wouldn’t play. Lucky them. So they threw down an intense visual attack and then cut it short. They said the psychic connection was broken. Damndest thing.





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