Anatomy of the Lie

I’ll break down the computer’s torture attack which used a song as inspiration. This one attack has been ongoing for many months now. But only this year. This attack was created to further my case goals. They see the lie as something I believe in.

The song is “Feel it still” by Portugal. The Man.

The torture group sees this song as something different then most people would. They’ve ascribed the lyrical story to me. They see a story no one else does.

Their story is set in the future. After my torture has ended I am now a songwriter. I wrote this song for some movie and am performing it. The details change but that’s the core of the premise.

This song is about my torture. I’m saying in order of the song’s lyrics:

I was physically controlled and I might need to use my body again.

The torture has gone on for decades. It’s ended but I remember it. I feel like I was reborn after my torture ended.

I am responsible for keeping my family safe from the torture group (So I won’t come right out and tell you what I know about the torture group)

I’ve got to end the torture no matter what.

Will I be attacked again? As I win against all odds?

This torture attack was created by one of the people working my case. There is no way the torture computer could go into such depth of storytelling. It would follow the lyrics literally. The quality of the torture activity identifies the creator. While this is a threat against me it’s a hopeful story.

This is the kind of thing torture victims experience as malicious lies intended to confuse them on what is true. Victims will often relate to others these stories as fact. The only real connection to me is the mention of my birth year. The rest of the story is hogwash.



Published by ti30years

Living in So. California. Victim of the T.I. torture since 1990. Child and adult victim of the torture. I share my torture experience to help people learn about the torture which continues to plague me and others. Not your average schizophrenic.

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