Well Now

The torture group had some incredible things to say about themselves. This was one of the more rational claims:

The entertainment network
They claim the have a fully functioning entertainment sector. They say it is for employees and a few select clients. Then they say that some friends or relatives of employees are on this network. They say each person has a operator that manages their time on-line. They say that the operator is watching them 24/7 and will respond to their requests to play with the technology. They say a record is kept of the entertainment an employee does and bosses and other employees can access another person’s record. They talk about how dysfunctional the entertainment users are.

They say that the employees sell the entertainment time for money to people. They say that they play frequently when they are at work and the company thinks they are being creative when they use the technology and wants them to use it in their daily work. They say the employees and other people on the network rely on the imaginative work of the technology rather than think for themselves.

The idea that people in the torture group are able to play with the technologies is doubtful but still possible. The torture group has something no one else does. It would make sense that the employees would take advantage of their exclusive access. But is it possible to expend the technology to leisure and entertainment when they have so many victims to torture?


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