The Taste and Smell of Rot

The torture group has a taste/smell which reminds me of death. It seems the torture group used to use the sensation done in this torture attack on me two decades prior. It’s almost like they created a story just to use it again. I’ve never heard this story before the Jakob Dylan version.

Excerpt from my diary

Jakob lost a friend to drugs
I was told a story about a friend of Jakob Dylan that had died from sepsis. The man died after Jakob had left him high at their apartment with his young daughter. The man lay dead for a long period of time and his daughter’s hand became covered in blood when she tried to rouse him. Jakob was shown comforting the young girl and watching Bambi with her after the police removed the body. Jakob said he could still taste the sepsis smell from the infected wound on his friend’s dead body. They would tell me that Jakob tasted the rotting smell over and over and that talking about the dead man would bring back the smell for him. It made me worry. They made me think he was suffering and that I was the cause.

This was an overall weird story and torture attack. While it was prominent in my torture for about a week it hit a memory from long ago that I can’t identify to this day. I’m sharing these tragic and tragically badly written stories to help others understand the things the torture group is telling victims. This helps identify the torture apart from schizophrenia. Convoluted can describe the torture due to the many twists and turns it takes. But each story related by the victim to others was once a single drawn out torture attack which took its time in being told.


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