The most Intense Sensation

The most intense sensation I have felt in all of my torture was a neutral sensation. Though I like to say neutrals are impossible; that there are no true neutral sensations. That neutrals are positive or negative sensations which the victim has grown tolerant of from overuse.

Excerpt from my diary

Holding David’s face
I am lying on my bed on my back and am told to put out my right hand. I did and was given a sensation of touching skin. They told me I was holding David’s head and I could see a vague outline of it. The feeling was only on my hand. It felt like something was actually in my hand. It’s the strongest sensation I have felt. While the visual of it is terrible the thing that I feel is unmistakable. It was the shape of a face.

I wasn’t feeling anything real. This was all the sensation technology touching me.

This was quite the experience. It’s unheard of for them to do this the highest ever sensation on me. This torture event is another oddity they did without any apparent reason. They were doing so much at the time I think they kept sneaking in attacks for fun. It certainly was enlightening. I didn’t know how weak my regular sensation torture was until they demonstrated.


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