A Grand Finale

The schizophrenia torture started off with a bang. The torture attacks were fascinating. This account of a false orgasm attack was unusual because the torture group never before used positive sexual sensations at high levels when they were not also forcing me to masturbate. The torture group showed me how the pattern of use I’d experienced of the torture technologies was deliberately designed and could be changed.

Excerpt from my diary

The sexual sensation
I sit outside and listen to music. I see Jakob playing a guitar and they say he’s playing the songs I hear on my MP3 player. I feel sensations in my vagina. Jakob says “C’mon, I know you’ve felt this before!” My knees begin to shake and they tell me I’m having an orgasm. I feel the sensations in me. After it stops I stand up, feel normal and go back inside.

This was the first of the sexual torture attacks which had no connection to anything I was doing. I would experience them later in public during inappropriate times. This “orgasm” like all sensation technology was only a momentary feeling. The shaking was from the physical control technology not the feeling.


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