We’ve Prepared For You

The story about being saved by Jakob Dylan from my miserable life was not without some sense. The torturers added in a bit about how they would provide for a twenty-five year old woman who cleaned only four houses for a living. They said for years Jakob had been gathering things for me. They promised.

They said he had bought a house and set aside money. Because you know that’s likely. So my rich boyfriend (or husband?) was just going to give me money to live on. This is nice but not realistic. So I set off to find a real job. You know, equal partnership and such. They attacked me severely when I tried to get a job. They didn’t want it to happen.

When David stepped in the story was the same under his name but with no celebrities. Now nearly seven and a half years later they are still promising things will magically be set up for me in the future. While I know without being told that my being controlled by the torture technology for this long will have serious physical affects on my body.




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