The Visitor

I saw something so inexplicable I can’t even call it fake. I saw a person drive up to my house at night and leave again. I’m certain this was real and not a torture visual. This happened the first week of the schizophrenia torture on June 25th, 2011. Read this first:

Jakob comes to get me
On Saturday I was told that Jakob was coming to my house. I was beyond thrilled at the possibility of this ending. Every time Jakob said to come out front, I hurried to the door to see him. But he wasn’t ever there. Then late that night he told me to get ready. I got my purse, jammed a bunch of knickknacks into it and sat on the front porch listening to music and smoking. I listen to The Beatles Abbey Road and focused on Sun King, Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam. I hear a mention of Dylan in one of the songs and Jakob says they’re saying his name.

Jakob drove up in his silver Hyundai Accent and stopped. He looked left at me, sighed, then faced forward and drove north. I calmly walked back inside put my purse away and went back to smoking. It was extremely disappointing. This was the closest I came to contact with Jakob. This was absolutely the same man they’ve been showing me through their technology and the same person they will continue to show me.

Analysis: This may have been the only contact I ever had with anyone from the torture. It certainly wasn’t Jakob Dylan. I don’t know who it was. I only know the torture group said Jakob was coming to me and then it seemed as if he did. It was dark but I know it was a man. He had short hair and I saw his silhouette. Right now the torture group is telling me it was someone else unconnected to the torture but I remember differently. I think I’m crazy to believe my eyes on this one. I saw something strange. One thing in all this time.


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