Strangers are Umm, Welcome

I’m a completely different person around strangers. I’ve been called guarded and quiet. It’s unusual that the torture group would want me to act so differently in a situation when I needn’t. This is a component of my anxiety torture. But it has it’s problems. It all has problems.

I may start out being attacked with torture that discomforts me around strangers. But as soon as they extend themselves as a friend I open up. I bloom. I will spill family secrets. I will say anything and everything that comes to mind without reservation. My computer can’t tell the difference between friendly conversation and personal information.

I am the family member who is told not to say something and then says it. The torture group likes to breaks people’s rules. The computer struggles to find something to converse about. Though talking about the weather would be fine the computer doesn’t understand people well enough to do this skill correctly. Because the computer can’t formulate conversation easily I’m left in the corner by myself at parties. Which is why the torture group doesn’t like to take me to parties where there are strangers.




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