The torturers told me Jakob Dylan then David was my soul mate. They gave me these three stories to explain things.

Soulmate stories
Number 1: a star watching earth from above finds Jakob Dylan. She watches until Jesse Dylan his brother calls her to earth to be with his brother in true love. The star land on earth and is made a real woman and she and Jakob find happiness together.

Number 2: A is the first soul split from a whole. A is Bob Dylan, B is Jakob Dylan and C is me. Soon the whole has split to become three. B and C left to play. A watched them play until B brought C to her to love her forever. Then they both went back to A and the soul reunited.

Number 3: Bob Dylan found a soul one day by a woodpile while he traveled the country before he found success as a musician. The soul became a woman and they spend time together in a relationship. The soul had special power and Bob was careful to keep it secret. Bob kept the soul locked up for him to use. He occasionally abandoned the soul in her cage and would have relationships with other woman. When he met Sara, who later became his first wife and the mother of Jakob Dylan, he used the soul’s power to stop time and he and Sara did everything they wanted to in Woodstock where they lived while the people around them were frozen in time. Soon they tired of the games and settled into a normal life. Bob kept the soul locked up. As Bob’s son Jakob was growing up the soul watched him and fell in love with him. When Jakob was older Bob released the soul so she could be with Jakob. The soul fell into the womb of my mother who was pregnant with twins. Jakob got to the hospital after I was born with the soul inside me. He went into the nursery and held me. He knew he couldn’t be with me until I grew up. He and his father watched me grow up and kept track of my life. Until the time was right for Jakob and me to be together.

I don’t recognize these stories from any of the myths I read growing up. While number one and two are classicly inclined the third is rather sordid and tainted. These were just two of the better of the daily nonstop stories I was told for a year straight. You can see the torture group’s troubled opinion of Bob Dylan.


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