Sing Along

The torture group gives me audio for audio for much of what I hear in my environment. I get a thought voice explanation of every sound I hear. She’ll say “That’s the neighbors dog. It must be a Chihuahua because it sounds like one with its little yip.”  In my torture the thought voice is the conduit of all information I know. So she speaks a lot. She’s actually a gaggle of multiple voices all run at once.

I can tell this torture attack is going on best when I listen to pop music. I hear two singers. The thought voice sounds along as well as describing and explaining the story and the music of the song. She names the instruments making sounds. But because the thought voice can only cover so much ground she omits parts of the song from her communication. Most frequently the bass goes missing.

The torture computer running the thought voice program in conjunction with the audio and visual recording of me and my environment is prone to mistakes. Some song lyrics pose a challenge. Even the torture group’s favorite, Jakob Dylan, was misheard in One Headlight singing “the long broken arm of human law” which was said to “the human moth” by the computer.


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