Okay With Me

The characters used as my male romance leads were rather unconventional in comparison to the characters used in the past. Aside from the man’s bisexuality he had a little something extra. She was a real doll named Sally. Again, I don’t know why these things were included I’m just the victim here. I did not create this story.

So first Jakob Dylan had the Sally doll then David took possession of that side story. The doll was unusual in only one regard. She was a physical stand in for me. I was told that to distract himself from the fantasy world of his psychic powers Jakob transferred his sexual energy onto sally. This was considered healthy. It’s not. Because I was seventeen years a child when the majority of the “psychic connection” story took place.

Analysis: The torture group doesn’t want to admit to their pedophilia. They used less common or “strange” sexual behaviors as a disguise for their violent rape of me from age four to thirty-two now. On the surface the doll is benign. In context I was a doll to them. A sex toy. At a very young age. That’s not what my torture is about. I’m sexually tortured intentionally in order to create a full personality. Sexuality being such a human trait. My rape is secondary to my being forced to live the life I have been.




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