I’m Not Following

The torture computer gets confused. It doesn’t understand what people are saying much of the time. It has a breakdown. It requires human intervention to set it running again. This is why the torture computer is only semi-automated. There is no stronger way the torture group had available to them to design the system they use.

The torture computer controlling my body has problems comprehending language occasionally. The most recent error was yesterday afternoon. I was told to make copies of two documents and the computer directly understood the order but an error occurred in the process. The computer couldn’t find the action program quickly enough. So it had me ask for detailed instructions. When I was given them it used the instructions to formulate the temporary action program. I was able to copy the papers successfully.

There are always times when the computer is lost. It knows that by asking for a repeat of or more information from the person I’m speaking to in conversation it will figure out a better response. Or it uses stock answers. Like thank you. I say thank you excessively. It’s just a thing I’m programmed to say instead of goodbye right now.


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