He Came Back, Again

I didn’t go through the Jakob Dylan character use on once. His character was reformulated and brought back first as a supporting character and then once more. The torture group changed him every time they used him. Because he was a computer animation/speech program. He was never anything real to begin with.

It’s very common for the torture group to repeat themselves. While I consider this normal it’s not. The torture group is not inventive or creative. Repeating characters and torture attacks is what they torture group does. It may seem as if they are trying to continue torture in an organized way intended to drive forward specific goals but then they switch things up and get so off track. The torture is unusual internally in many ways.

Because torture attacks are done using a template program the torture group does torture which seems to be similar to but is slightly different from before. I’ve had attacks where everything including the timing was exactly the same but the words used in the audio were altered. It’s very poor workmanship. This is another reason why the torture being done fails to achieve what the torture group aspires to. It’s cheap. For all its bells and whistles.



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