All Positions Filled

The torture audio does the darndest thing. It covers both sides of the conversation. It’s the questioner answering the questioner’s questions. As they say it to me. The torture computer is holding one-sided conversations. It’s intended to guide my thinking. It’s supposed to be them and my thoughts duking it out in my head. But I’m not participating. I’m overhearing.

Just now I was coughing in the backyard on my smoke break when I heard a sound. A garbled sound broke out of what the computer identified as the bedroom where only my parent’s house cleaner could be. Right away the computer re-registered the location of the sound. It was coming from the neighbors directly behind me. Some female was badly singing “Black Hole Sun”.

As I heard the singing the audio told me the person was mocking me for singing badly in the backyard once. Another voice came in and refuted the claim. It said “That was seven years ago. Are they even the same neighbors? How would they remember my singing?” This was a thought voice.

Next thing I knew I was no longer feeling judged (being attacked with sensation torture) for something from so long ago by people I couldn’t recognize by their voice. The attack had finished. I had only been forced to hear it. I didn’t think about it. I didn’t learn from it. I experienced it sure. But I was barely involved.

The torture group does torture like this to instill thoughts in my mind. They believe I’m heavily invested and engrossed in everything the sensory based torture technologies are doing on my body. This is their form of brainwashing. It’s teaching by rote. I’m actually memorizing. I’m learning. The computer is my teacher. I don’t think this will end well.


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