A Sight Unseen

I have two separate explanations for the sighting of a man resembling Jakob Dylan. One theory is that there was somebody there but it wasn’t Jakob Dylan. He looked like him. The other is that I am so unused to the strongest visuals that I thought they were real life and that I was seeing a person. Here’s my memory of the time I thought I saw Jakob Dylan. This happened in the second week of the schizophrenia torture on roughly June 27th, 2011.

Trying to get Jakob to meet me
This Monday I invited Jakob to my volleytennis game and went to the park expecting him to arrive. During the game while sitting out on my break I saw a man walk to the fence across from me and lean his back against a fence. He put his left arm back and grabbed the fence then he scratched at his stomach. He looked like Jakob Dylan with black hair and pale skin, though he had a thin build and a skinny stomach. I went back into the game, and when I had cycled around to the back of the court I heard Jakob’s voice shout “Over here” to which I immediately turned my head left like a whip and left the court. I approached the area where the man had been standing, but he was gone. My team went on without me while I sat down on the bench stunned. I expected him to approach me. I sat giddy on the bench to anxious to approach him. I was waiting for him to come to me. But he didn’t.

While I was leaving I saw a red sports car and they tell me it was Jakob Dylan’s. I tell him to come and get me. I went home telling Jakob to come to my house. But nothing happened. I was shown video of Jakob in a car scratching his legs while telling the man in the driver’s sear he wanted to “Trick me back.” This man was said to be T-Bone Burnett, the producer of Jakob Dylan latest album. I hadn’t done anything and he was threatening to punish me. I was stunned.

The promise that I would meet Jakob Dylan in person was consistently given. It was a game they played. I never met the man. Jakob Dylan was not involved in my torture. He was only the inspiration for a character the torture group used against me.

I can honestly say this and some other visuals along the same vein are haunting in their realism. If logic didn’t dictate they couldn’t be real I would acquiesce.


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