I Read About This

The torture group created sensation combination to act a replicas of real life sensations. They did something strange in some cases. Some sensations can be identified as following common descriptions of the emotion or physical experience being felt. People use common language to talk about how they feel emotionally and physically. The torture group followed this to design much of the sensation torture.

The feeling of nausea is a twisting, turning mass of pain sensation technology in the stomach area. The feeling of heartache is literal. Think of how someone would describe the feeling of biting their tongue. It might hurt in a throbbing way. Throbbing equals on and off pulses to the torture group. The pain of immediately biting the tongue was sharp like the edge of the tooth but the aftermath was less sharp feeling. The sensation of sharp is a shape. A shape like an arrow of sensation increasing in intensity up to the point.

Not all of the sensation follow this rule. Some sensations are intended to create psychological reactions in the victim. Fear is a unique sensation from the torture group because it’s actually an oddity of the sensation technology. It is universally alarming to human beings. One sensation is repulsive to feel. All the sensations do one thing. It’s the torture group who tried to stretch their use into something more.


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