Familiarity is Convenient

The torture technology is painful to experience. Well, the sensations technology’s pain sensations are but the rest of the technologies aren’t. There is only one torture technology which causes pain. This is curious because victims report a lot of physical pain from the torture. Which suggests that the torture group heavily uses or relies on the third function of the third technology far too often.

Now this technology is one of the worst functioning for overall torture because it’s not strong enough to sustain constant torture activity for very long. What it does do is switch attacks frequently. About every few seconds the sensation torture is moving around on the victim’s body and also changing activity. It does all three sensation types; positive, negative and neutral. It’s the pain that victims notice first and foremost. That’s what they report from the torture group most often.

Victims are adaptive to living in pain as well as they can live with the constant audio and visuals. It’s about forming a tolerance level. The torture group designs the victim’s torture to take advantage of the victim’s tolerance level by going over it to cause the most bothersome and abusive torture activity.

What is the tolerance level exactly? It’s created by the limited functions of the torture technology, the intensity of the case goals and the victims independent and individual tolerance levels. It’s two parts torture group and one part victim. You can see it only from reports afterwards and when observing the victim during the experience. If the torture group allows you to observe. It’s when the victim is their most agitated and confused. It’s the outside display of near sensory overstimulation.


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