Group Project

How is it that the torture group can torture victims from under the same umbrella and not appear to non-victims that they are connected people? This has a little something to do with the low amount of people being physically controlled by the torture technology. Without this ironclad control the victims are able to control their online and public presence independently. But then the torture group is working towards a group goal. They are making actions in the torture which are similar and all support the goal/s of the torture group. This still does not identify them. There’s a little interference by the torture computer’s semi-automated system. That system works off of the torture victim and their environment in live time. It makes the torture more random by connecting it to live events and the actions of the torture victim. Still it’s all the same. Yet people keep missing it.

The torture group is a group of people. The variety or workmanship amongst the torturers produces a variety of torture amongst the victims. There appears to be enough commonalities in every victim’s torture that the group goals of the torture should be clear. The torture group is succeeding at what they intend to do. Otherwise they would have given up years ago. The torture group wants to create personal strife for only a few individuals in some countries around the world. Phase three: Profit. There is no Phase two. That’s why the torture seems so wrong.




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